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We are a travel writing and importing team from Portland, Maine. Our travels throughout Italy have included Sicily, Naples and the Amalfi Coast — and our special favorite, Ischia — Rome, Florence and the Tuscan Hills, Cinque Terre, Bologna, Milan, Lago Maggiore and Garda and Como. We have had some very special trips “sideways” to Lucca, a gem, and to Venice, a city that is most splendid and accessible in the off season.


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  1. Hello booth neighbor from ItalianLife Expo,

    Hope you are well, and planning a trip back to Italy to restock – what a great event for you! I am just back, and wondering if you are still interested in a guest blogger – if you check out http://www.chefbikeski.com, you will see my travel blogs from our trip last week with Chef Susan Regis. I could pull together a piece on Soave, with some restaurant recommendations, wine reviews, etc.

    Thanks so much,

    Kathy Bechtel, Italiaoutdoors

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